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Check out the New Trailer for ‘Titanfall Assault’, Which Launches next Week

We’ve been covering the upcoming Titanfall Assault for a while now, as we were super curious to see whether or not Titanfall Assault would meet the same fate as Titanfall Frontline, which never made it out of soft launch. Well, Titanfall Assault has been soft launched since early May, and we just got word from the developers that it’ll globally launch next week on August 10th. There’s even a new trailer for you to check out:

Carter spent a considerable amount of time streaming the soft launched version of the game, and while there may have been additional changes between now and then, here’s a nice long look at what playing Titanfall Assault is like:

Stay tuned for the full release on August 10th, or, heck, if you want to create a Phillipines iTunes account and just download it right now, go wild.