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‘Titanfall: Assault’ Soft Launches in Philippines

When Titanfall: Assault was announced on May 3rd, it seemed like a soft launch wasn’t far away. In particular, the screenshots looked like they were ready to serve as the App Store or Google Play screenshots for the game. Well, it turns out that the game has soft launched in the Phillippines, and thanks to a tip from a Twitch viewer last night, we got to check it out live on stream:

It does a few things different from Clash Royale (Free), namely the Hardpoint structure where you try to control one of three points. You can still win by overwhelming the enemy base, but you could also play more conservatively. Still, there’s decks of cards, a familiar “energy recharges over time" system, and limited spawn points. Though, with titans only coming into play one minute into battle, and the addition of aspects like units that can go on roofs, there’s a few things to mix it up. Not necessarily enough is new here to be an extremely exciting and fresh experience, but if you like Titanfall and want something with some new wrinkles compared to Clash Royale, this might be the game for you? We do have a forum thread if you want to investigate for yourself.

Philippines App Store Link: Titanfall: Assault