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Extreme Side-Scrolling Combat Racer ‘Road Warriors’ Releasing August 3rd

A couple of weeks ago, developer Lucky Kat released their first developer video blog, which they’re dubbing an indielog, that showcased the process of coming up with a smart one-handed control scheme for their upcoming beat ’em up Beat Street. Well as you may know that’s not the only project on Lucky Kat’s plate, as they’ve been working in collaboration with developer TurtleBlaze to bring their side-scrolling combat racer Road Warriors over to iOS as too. And that time is finally just about upon us as today Lucky Kat has released their second indielog which includes some behind the scenes looks at Road Warriors as well as news that the game is set to launch next week on August 3rd. Check it out!

Road Warriors first popped up on my own radar back in January of this year when it was called Intergalactic Road Warriors and was released on Steam as an Early Access title. TurtleBlaze decided to scrap the desktop version and release the game for mobile instead, and it was at GDC the following March when I learned of the parntership with Luck Kat and was given a hands-on demo of an early version of the game, now called just plain Road Warriors. In early April Lucky Kat was seeking out beta testers for the game, which leads us to today where we’re just over a week away from the official release. I’ve loved what I’ve played of Road Warriors in the past, so I’m really looking forward to playing the final incarnation on August 3rd, and until then you can join in on some discussion about the game in our forums.