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Lucky Kat and TurtleBlaze’s ‘Road Warriors’ Needs Beta Testers

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Lucky Kat is helping out TurtleBlaze with bringing Road Warriors, a mobile version of their 2D racer Intergalactic Road Warriors, to mobile. And now you can help them out, as the game hasa opened up beta testing. Check out the forum thread for some GIF action, and then follow the instructions to sign up for the beta of this game, described as a one-touch racer with a daily mode to play.

That daily mode seems new, or at least something I didn’t see in the early version at GDC, which we previewed. I’m really curious to see how this one develops out, there were some things that didn’t immediately click with me in the build I played, but with some additional tweaking, I’d love to see this one come together. The style is impeccable, just look at that pixel art and animation. I’m interested in hearing more about how this one is coming along!

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