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It Looks Like Over-the-Top Side-Scrolling Combat Racing Game ‘Intergalactic Road Warriors’ is Heading to Mobile

Intergalactic Road Warriors is a side-scrolling combat racing game from developer TurtleBlaze that launched on Steam Early Access in March of last year. The developers have been quite active in working with the early access players and continuing to flesh out their manic racing game, and it definitely seems like the type of game that would be a perfect fit for mobile. Well, according to a tweet from TurtleBlaze earlier today, it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I don’t really play games on desktop so I always feel bad that I’m missing out on so many interesting games in that space, so it makes me incredibly happy when those games find their way over to mobile. I had never even heard of Intergalactic Road Warriors before, but after looking into it following the tweet about a mobile version, I’m now incredibly excited for it. No further details about the mobile release have been given just yet, but now we’ll be keeping our eye on this project and will update you accordingly. Until then, check out the latest Intergalactic Road Warriors trailer from the Steam version to get an idea of how awesome this game is going to be.