‘Pocket Mortys’ Getting Weekly Mortys and Avatars From S3, First Batch Live Now

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Pocket Mortys (Free) was definitely not a quick cash-grab, as the game’s many updates and new features have shown in addition to how good it is, and today we got to hear about even more content coming to the game. As Chris Johnston, Senior Producer at Adult Swim Games, tweeted earlier today, Pocket Mortys will be getting new Mortys and avatars from new Season 3 episodes each week, and the first one of those updates is already live. This update brings Weird Rick, Jungle Morty, Radar Rick, Lawyer Morty, Commander Rick, and many more, so go grab them.

Keep in mind that the game has recently added online multiplayer that lets you fight with everyone and anyone as well as give more dimensions. So, there’s plenty of new content for you to explore and more content coming every week.

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