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Start an Alien Armageddon in ‘Invaders…From Space!’, Blasting Onto the App Store This Summer

The Frosty Pop Corps have proven with their past few App Store releases that they are more than their quirky developer title may suggest. Games such as the Flappy Bird and Downwell amalgam Puff. (Free), and the beautifully stylish rvlvr. (Free) underline the developer’s emphasis on stylish mobile experiences, and Invaders…From Space! seamlessly follows in its predecessor’s footsteps. As an antagonistic alien race set on the destruction of earth, you’re tasked with using your geography skills to target specific areas using your powerful set of projectiles. With a heavy emphasis on a retro aesthetic from the CRT screen era, married with the trademark modern polish that The Frosty Pop Corps have championed with their previous releases, Invaders…From Space! looks like it could be out of this world when it launches exclusively on the App Store at the end of the summer.

Even though ‘mad geography skills’ are essentially my kryptonite, Invaders…From Space! seems like a lot of frantic fun in having to manipulate the central globe to ensure the rockets hit their targets. While I’m still somewhat skeptical on the variety and intrinsic depth of the gameplay within Invaders…From Space!, let alone why the aliens are so focused on targeting specific cities rather than just bombarding Earth with a perpetual rocket armageddon, early signs are definitely promising, and the art style has definitely won me over. If you’re excited for an impending alien apocalypse, head by our forum thread to keep up to date with developments surrounding Invaders…From Space!.