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One-Handed Beat ‘Em Up ‘Beat Street’ Is Looking for Beta Testers on Our Forums

Lucky Kat have made a name for themselves as one of the most promising indie developers on the App Store, as their distinctive beautiful pixel art style combined with simple yet incredibly focused gameplay mechanics often lead to some perfectly suited mobile gaming experiences. Beat Street follows in this pattern, and features beat ’em up action that can be easily played with one hand. Fighting games – even on the iPhone – normally refuse to sacrifice complex mechanics for simple and accessible inputs, and while ports such as the Street Fighter series have worked out quite well on the touch screen, Beat Street could be a fantastic starting point for those who may have been turned off the genre as a whole. After a few months of laboured development, Lucky Kat have announced that the beta for Beat Street has been finished, and anyone interested in testing the title out before its launch can do so by signing up on our forum thread.

Beat Street Weapon Action

We first wrote about Beat Street back in March, and while the sadly departed Carter Dotson had glowing praise for the early version of the game he experienced at GDC, the developers have been posting periodic updates on our forums that have detailed its dramatic growth over the past few months. Weapons, obstacles, and new environments such as a Subway level have all been included, and if their previous releases are anything to go by, Beat Street should see some solid support even after it eventually makes its way to the App Store. I’m incredibly excited to try out Beat Street’s final form, and if you’re similarly interested, be sure to sign up for the beta test on our forum thread.