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Polyphonic LP’s Musical Puzzler ‘Resynth’ is Launching Next Thusday

In October of last year the Australian development duo known as Polyphonic LP announced their debut game for both desktop and mobile, a music-centric puzzle game called Resynth. Not necessarily a rhythm game in the traditional sense, Resynth is a Sokoban-style block-pushing puzzler where the various types of squares in the game each make a different sound. As you progress through each level and start moving boxes around, a song slowly develops as a line crosses the screen and plays each of the sounds in time. It’s a bit tricky to explain, but should make some more sense when you watch the latest trailer for Resynth.

In case it still doesn’t quite make sense or you’re just curious to see more of the game, we were given a hands-on demo of Resynth during GDC this past March which goes into a bit more detail on the mechanics, so definitely give that video a watch too. Anyway, as you could probably guess from the trailer above, Resynth finally has an official release date: Next Thursday, July 13th. I’m pretty excited about this one and I absolutely love the way they’ve blended music into a puzzle game in such a unique way. Resynth will be just $1.99 when it launches so look for it next week!