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Polyphonic LP Announces ‘Resynth’, a Synesthesia-Inspired Music Puzzler

Australian duo Polyphonic LP has announced their debut title, a music puzzler called Resynth. Not a rhythm puzzler, necessarily, but a puzzle game where you’ll be moving around a board, activating certain squares to try and create music, even remixing it with the different squares you activate. The tagline for the game is “what does a great puzzle sound like?" That is a good question, and I’m curious as to how Polyphonic LP is going to answer it. The concept seems intriguing, though!

The sounds are designed to resemble analog synthesizers, and loop remixing is a key part of solving each level. The development team is a two-person studio from Melbourne, Australia, one of which is a jazz pianist, and the other is “orking towards a PhD investigating synaesthetic approaches to game design," which led to the initial prototype of Resynth. Interesting stuff! This one is expected to hit in November for both iOS and Steam.