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GDC 2017 – Hands-On with ‘Resynth’, a Very Musical Puzzle Game

With a name like Polyphonic LP, you expect that you’ll be playing some games based around music in some form. That is exactly the aim of the new developer and their first release Resynth, which we posted about in October of last year. We were able to meet with Polyphonic LP here at GDC and go hands-on with Resynth, and it’s very cool so far.

Typically when you think of music games you think of rhythm games, but what’s interesting to me about Resynth is that it’s a puzzle game first and foremost that simply weaves in music-making as you solve its increasingly complex Sokoban-style puzzles. Aside from my Guitar Hero addiction many years ago, I’m not really a big fan of rhythm games, so seeing this more game-oriented approach is very appealing. Look for Resynth to launch sometime in April.