‘Pocket Mortys’ Updated With Online Multiplayer, New Dimensions and Much More

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With the announcement that Season 3 of Rick and Morty is sfinally launching at the end of July, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan of Adult Swim’s cult sci-fi cartoon. However, this reveal has left many wondering whether Pocket Mortys (Free), the excellent Pokemon-esque spin off that we loved in our review last year, would receive any attention now the Rick and Morty hype train is truly leaving the station. Off the back of an Android beta test in May, the developers have finally released a major 2.0 update for Pocket Mortys today, with the addition of a brand new online multiplayer mode so you can finally determine whether you have the Mortiest Morty in the multiverse.

As well as online multiplayer, which will let you battle both friends and strangers alike, the developers have included some other neat features in this newest update that should give any fans of the game yet another reason to revisit Pocket Mortys. Five more dimensions have been included, and you can now play as other characters such as Tinkles, Summer and Squanchy for an even squanchier Morty battling experience. The ability to gift friends Mortys may make Pokemon trading comparisons even more apt, however will mean collecting ’em all is even easier for any die-hard Morty completionists. Multiplayer is obviously the highlight of this 2.0 update, however I’m still incredibly impressed to see such a major spin-off game receive major updates almost eighteen months after it first released. Download the new update for Pocket Mortys today, and let us know your impressions of the online multiplayer on our forum thread.

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