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‘Brawl Stars’ Buffs Dynamike and Bo, Nerfs Jessie, Nita, and Spike

Supercell continues to tinker with the various character of the very entertaining Brawl Stars in an effort to better balance the game and prevent frustration. This time around, we got buffs and nerfs as well as cheaper coin boosts, better event rotations, and new maps. Dynamike’s Super damage is seeing an increase from 400 to 500 because his super was rather underwhelming and barely did more damage than his main attack.

Bo’s Health has increased from 800 to 900 to make him feel more like a ranged tank. On the nerfs side, Jessi’s main attack damage has been reduced from 160 to 140 because she was one of the strongest characters in high-trophy games. Nita’s reload time has increased from 1 second to 1.25 because she was just too quick, and Spike’s Health has decreased from 700 to 600 because he was too much of a tank considering how much damage he can deal.

The update also made Coin boosts cost 20 gems instead of 50, a pretty big drop, as well as added new Bounty and Smash & Grab Maps, which should be fun to check out. Finally, there are changes to event rotation to include new maps and more Bounty. What do you think of all these changes? You should head over to our Discord Server because our Brawl Stars community is very lively or head into our forums. And if you still haven’t been able to get the game, go download it from the Canadian App Store.