How to Win ‘Brawl Stars’ Games: Join Our ‘Brawl Stars’ Discord Server and Play with Us

We’ve been all about Supercell’s latest game, Brawl Stars, since it launched. Our first impressions piece dives deep into what makes Brawl Stars great, but in a nutshell it’s a super-simplified MOBA. The game is soft launched in Canada right now, and is incredibly easy to download following our guide. As great as Brawl Stars is, we’ve seen a lot of complaints around the game, which you see a lot in the world of MOBAs: “I always lose because my teammates are idiots."

And, well, that’s usually true. MOBAs are intensely skill-based games, and Brawl Stars is no different. Playing your character well, having your team play their characters well, and knowing how to deal with whatever characters the enemy team is playing are key to victory. Being soft launched, the matchmaking pool seems to be super tiny resulting in many games which … aren’t matched that well. I’ve played games against a team of three rare characters with two teammates who I suspect were on their very first Brawl Stars match. It’s annoying, and if you lose enough like this it’ll really spoil the game.

So how do you fix this? Well, the solution is obvious: Play with people you know. You can totally rule out clueless newbies from the equation by forming a team of three and wrecking anyone you come across. Where do you find people to play Brawl Stars with? Join our Discord server!. We’ve got a super-active Brawl Stars channel with people always throwing out invite codes to join their game lobby. The win streaks I’ve had playing with TouchArcade people is seriously borderline unbelievable.

It makes such a difference when you team up with people and actually form a cohesive strategy with characters that make a well-rounded team. Better yet, right now it seems as if the matchmaking doesn’t prioritize matching premade groups with other premade groups, like most MOBAs do, so with even the smallest amount of coordination and communication you can just steamroll the enemy team.

I suspect once the game launches globally, racking up wins this way won’t be anywhere near as effective, but for now, it’s silly how well grouping up works. Particularly considering it seems very unlikely that Supercell will reset progress when the game is launched worldwide, so winning a bunch, raking in a ton of coins, and soaking up bundles of elixir and character unlocks is going to be a great way to get ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Come hang out in Discord and start winning in Brawl Stars.