Stunning Point and Click Game ‘The Little Acre’ Is Out Now on the App Store

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Point and click games hold a peculiar retro charm to many younger gamers, myself included. Growing up at a time where the emphasis within the industry was immersive environments, unbridled action and complete control amidst the ascent of the analog stick, point and click titles felt somewhat anachronistic in the twenty-first century. However, the App Store and the fantastic touch screen capabilities of the iPhone have emphasised the qualities of the genre to this newer generation, and such technology has been able to bring cult classics such as Beneath a Steel Sky ($2.99) and the Broken Sword ($4.99) series to a brand new audience. The Little Acre ($2.99) follows in the footsteps of these two point and click gems (especially as the executive producer Charles Cecil was responsible for both titles), and brings a beautifully hand-drawn world with an adorable story to the App Store. After an initial PC launch last December, The Little Acre has today finally launched on iOS, and for the bargain price of $2.99.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Steam release of The Little Acre, the game follows the tale of Aidan and his daughter, who set out to discover the location of his missing father but ends up entrapped in a mysterious unfamiliar world. With full voice acting, two playable characters and a stunning original score, The Little Acre is almost like playing a cartoon, and serves as a faithful throwback to games of old whilst remaining approachable for newcomers to the genre. It may not be a particularly long experience, and certainly not as taxing as some other point and click games, but its abundant charm and impressive critical reception last year underline how The Little Acre is a bargain for $2.99 – a whole ten dollars cheaper than its Steam counterpart. Download The Little Acre now, and let us know your thoughts on Pewter Games’ lovingly crafted release on our forum thread.

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