Check Out Video of the 15(!) Games Umbrella is Releasing this Summer

It’s been a crazy couple of years for Umbrella Games since transitioning from that company that made the Crossy Road of Q-Bert games with Down The Mountain (Free) into a full-fledged developer and publisher of mobile games, expanding their library to more than two dozen titles. And it’s hardly a trickle of new releases as it seems like every time Umbrella announces a new game, it’s not just ONE new game but multiple new games. Well, they’re taking that and really running with it seems, as Umbrella has debuted a new supercut video of all their upcoming titles for this summer and there’s a whopping 15 games on offer. Check out a bit of each and every one in the following trailer.

Several of those titles have been on our radar before and have been covered in the past, like Crushy Bricks, Shape Fix, Tidy Robots, Dash Legends, and Wicked Pixel. Of course, with FIFTEEN new games on the horizon there’s also a fair share of stuff we hadn’t heard about before, and there’s reason to be pretty excited as Umbrella has been consistent with putting out high quality stuff for a long time now. So keep tuned in to TouchArcade as we continue to do our weekly roundup of new games each Wednesday as all 15 of these new games from Umbrella start popping up in the App Store over the course of the next several months.