Amazon Prime Members Can Support TouchArcade for FREE by Subscribing on Twitch

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As you’ve likely noticed by now, we’ve switched streaming providers back to Twitch and the whole gang has been spending a bunch of time streaming the latest and greatest iOS games over there. Since we’ve transitioned to being an almost entirely reader-supported site via Patreon, people have been asking for other ways to support TouchArcade because they’re not into Patreon for one reason or another. Well, I’m happy to announce that you can subscribe to us on Twitch, and better yet, Amazon Prime members can subscribe for free via Twitch Prime.

Amazon Prime members who link their Amazon account to their Twitch account can subscribe to one channel for free every 30 days. This subscription does not renew, so you’ll need to remember to resubscribe every month, but it’s a great way to support the site at absolutely no cost to you. If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime and still want to subscribe on Twitch, we appreciate it, but keep in mind Twitch takes a 50% cut- So if you’re just subscribing to help out the site, you’re (much) better off backing us on Patreon.

Speaking of Amazon, another way you can support the site for free is by doing your Amazon shopping through our site. We’ve set it up with the easy-to-remember URL of – Click through that link (or any Amazon link on the site, including the one below), and we’ll get a (very) small percentage of whatever you buy on Amazon today.

Additionally, people are always asking us how to make one-time contributions to the survival of TouchArcade outside of our Patreon, and along with all the Twitch subscription stuff you can also tip us directly via PayPal. This sort of thing is more designed for shout-outs on an active Twitch stream than anything else, so if you’re interested in the various rewards we offer, you’re better off heading to Patreon. (The same can be said for Twitch subscriptions, right now we don’t have a really great way to mind-meld Patreon backers and Twitch subscribers.) Keep in mind, any text you put into the tip page will get blurted out on stream, so don’t submit anything in the tip form you don’t want people to see. Your PayPal details will remain confidential.

As always, we appreciate any and all support, and are incredibly grateful for all of our existing community members who help keep third party mobile games editorial alive. We’re big into a value for value exchange, so if you feel like you’re getting value out of TouchArcade, whether that’s us saving you money by pointing out game sales, optimizing your IAP usage with our various free to play guides, or just saving you time by finding all the best games for your iOS device, kick us something back so we can keep doing it. Whether that’s subscribing on Twitch, supporting us on Patreon, shopping on Amazon, or just telling your friends about TouchArcade… We’re just happy you’re with us.

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