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‘Hey Wingman’ Releases This Week, It’s Like a Cross Between ‘Lifeline’ and ‘The Hangover’

A few weeks back we wrote a story about the upcoming Hey Wingman looking for beta testers in our forums, and now the game is ready to offer its silly take on the Lifeline formula this Thursday. For those who didn’t read the original story, Hey Wingman uses the Lifeline formula of using a “messaging" app to communicate with the in-game characters, but it removes the real-time part and, instead, adds the kinds of storylines you would find in a movie like The Hangover. In Hey Wingman, you’re using a chat app to try and break up your best friend’s doomed wedding. You’ll be communicating with your buddy Romeo, who’s apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as you both try to stop your friend Dan from marrying Jill.

As you can see in the trailer, you’ll have to dig your friend out of all kinds of messes (most of them probably of your own creation). The game is a premium app, and it’s probably going to be silly fun. Check out our forum thread for more on the game, and get ready to ruin a wedding this Thursday.