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Foursaken’s Strategy/3rd-Person Shooter Hybrid ‘Noblemen: 1896’ Gets First Trailer

Foursaken Media announced their latest big gaming project back in November of last year, a hybrid 3rd-person shooter/top-down strategy game called Noblemen: 1896. The idea sounded super solid, and the screens shown in January looked very promising. Last month Foursaken opened up beta testing for Noblemen: 1896, and after these many months of anticipation those who were not involved in the beta were very anxious to see the game in action. Well, that day has come! Foursaken just posted this first trailer for Noblemen: 1896 and it looks awesome.

The idea of Noblemen: 1896 is to plan out your attacks from a top-down perspective like a classic military strategy game, but when it comes time to actually battle it out, it throws you directly into the 3rd-person shooting portions. Being that this takes place in an alternate historical timeline in the late 19th century, the weaponry will match that era and perform realistically. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of either of the mashup genres to enjoy Noblemen, as it will have an auto-battle option if you’re not into the shooty parts and if you’re super into the strategy portions there will be a Tactical Map Mode with even more advanced options for the battle planning. Unfortunately there’s no more specific release date for Noblemen: 1896 other than “coming soon" but it seems like it’s nearing the end of its development and you can follow along with the progress in the game’s forum in the meantime.