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Foursaken Media Reveals ‘Noblemen: 1896’, an Alternate History Strategy-Shooter

Foursaken Media has announced their next major game, Noblemen: 1896. This is a hybrid strategy and third-person shooter, which sounds interesting enough, but the theme has some intrigue to it as well. It’s in an alternate-reality 19th century with a bit of steampunk to it. The game itself will have a strategic overworld where you build up your armies, capturing territory and fending off opponents. When you go into battle, you control the hero character, also giving commands to individual units. Though, if you’re more into just the strategy aspect, you can turn on auto-battling – or even control your hero from a top-down view.


Foursaken Media’s bigger games often have some great ideas to them, and Noblemen: 1896 seems like an intriguing expansion of concepts they’ve explored in games like War Tortoise (Free) and Heroes and Castles 2 ($1.99). Plus, they’ve upgraded their engine for even better visuals and performance. The forum thread for the game will be a must-follow as development continues.