Wonder Woman Joins the Heroes of ‘DC Legends’

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It’s Wonder Woman time in pretty much everything DC on the App Store, so you shouldn’t be surprised that Wonder Woman theatrical content is now available in the DC Legends (Free)  F2P strategy RPG. The new update has added Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice, a movie version of the famous superhero based on Gal Gadot. There will also be all kinds of Wonder Woman-related events throughout June, so plenty of opportunities for you to grab all that content. Specifically, there will be a 9-Day Hero Challenge where you will travel to Wonder Woman’s Island paradise and battle in the new Gates of Tartarus environment to earn Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice fragments.

In the 5-Day challenges, you will fight to earn fragments of Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira, Doctor Poison, and Queen Hippolyta. There are also new hero packs, all kinds of login rewards, and much more, so if you’re a Wonder Woman fan, check out the new events.

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