‘King Rabbit’ Ruby Expansion Has Added 64 Player-Made Levels

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A few weeks back, we talked about King Rabbit (Free) developers looking for player-made levels to add to their upcoming Ruby expansion, and from what I’ve heard many of you responded to the call. Now the Ruby Expansion has gone live, and you can go play 64 levels that might include one of your own, if you are good at putting together puzzle levels. The expansion costs $1.99, but you get it for free if your level was selected. And those lucky enough to have levels selected also got a ton of diamonds (not the real ones, sorry) and their name displayed at the start of the level.

This is a pretty cool idea by Raresloth, and I wish more games involved players in the same way. And, of course, it’s an excellent way to ensure more people pay attention to the expansion. The Ruby Expansion is live now, so go enjoy the community levels.

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