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Craneballs Teases Mysterious ‘Fling Fighters’ and is Looking for Beta Testers

Yesterday, developer Craneballs posted this cryptic teaser video for an upcoming game called Fling Fighters. While the nature of teasers means that they don’t want to give too much away just yet, this particular teaser was EXTRA teaser-y and really gave no clue whatsoever as to what type of game this was going to be or what you even did in the game. Then early this morning Craneballs posted another teaser, this time an image that seems to indicate the roster of characters in Fling Fighter. That, coupled with the actual name of the game leads me to believe this is some sort of wacky physics-based fighting game, or something? You decide.

Whatever the game ends up being, I’m always interested in new stuff from Craneballs. They’re most widely known for their Overkill and Gun Master series, but they’ve been around for ages and always pump out some truly unique non-shooting related games like Splash Cars and the all-time classic Blimp (which I REALLY wish would get a modern update, HINT HINT). I’m quite curious to hear more about what Fling Fighters is all about, and Craneballs mentions that they’re open to taking in some beta testers, so if you want to get in on that or just follow along as more details are released head on over to the forum thread.