‘Minecraft PE’ 1.1 Discovery Update Is Out, Adds Minecraft Marketplace, Skyrim Pack, Woodland Mansions, and More

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It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen; the Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) Discovery Update, or 1.1, has gone live. This update is packed with content that will change the way you play the game. First of all, the new update has added the Minecraft Marketplace, an expansion to the existing store that has added 14 pieces of content: six worlds, two survival spawns, two texture packs, and four skin packs. These should offer hours of ready-made entertainment for a pretty low price. The Worlds are huge builds with their own storylines, texture packs, and objectives that transform the way you play the game. Survival Spawns are builds that you can use as your survival games’ base.

In addition to the Marketplace, the 1.1 Discovery Update adds Woodland Mansions, which come with the new Cartographer villager who gives you treasure maps, and Illagers, evil villagers ready to take you out. There are also Shulker Boxes, Llamas, dyeable beds, and new enchantments. And the game is adding a third gameplay mode, Adventure Mode, that will let you make and play custom games and scenarios. Finally, we also got a Skyrim Mash-up pack that adds a ton of skins, a texture pack, and a whole world. So, go enjoy all the new toys!

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