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First-Person Dungeon Crawler ‘The Keep’ Coming to iPad Soon

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It seems there’s no lack of old-school first-person dungeon crawlers on the mobile platform, but that doesn’t mean I’m not always excited to add another one to the bunch. In this case it’s The Keep from Cinimax Games which released way back in September of 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS and then made its way to Steam just a couple of months ago. The Keep features real-time combat as opposed to turn-based like many of these types of dungeon crawlers, and being that it was originally released for the touch-based 3DS it also features a neat Rune-combining crafting mechanic and gesture-based combat, both of which should translate quite well to the touchscreen on the iPad.

Yep, currently The Keep is planned for just the iPad and the developer is hoping the iPad version will be 1:1 with the desktop version in terms of features and graphical detail. However, as we’ve seen many times over, and specifically with this particular type of game with Legend of Grimrock ($4.99), going iPad-only really limits your audience, so I’m hoping that eventually the game can also be made Universal for iPhones. At any rate I’m always happy to see games from other platforms make their was to iOS, so look for The Keep to arrive on iPad at some point next month.

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