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The Wonderfully Weird ‘Karma Incarnation 1’ Is Coming to iOS and Android

There’s good weird, and there’s bad weird, and the upcoming Karma Incarnation 1, a PC game soon to hit the mobile shores, is definitely good weird. Look at the trailer below, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. This is a crazy, colorful game with the kind of characters you would see if you had eaten the kinds of mushrooms you probably shouldn’t have. In Karma Incarnation 1 you play as someone who’s beloved has been abducted, so you decide to turn into a dragon and save her. Unfortunately, you end up turning into a worm named Pip, a slightly more limiting form than that of a dragon.

In order to save your beloved, you’ll have to solve all kinds of crazy puzzles, learning the laws of Karma along the way. This adventure game is definitely not a typical one, and I would play it just for the art and soundtrack. The game will release as a free to try app, with the first levels available for free and then one IAP unlocking the rest of the game. Karma Incarnation 1 is coming to Android May 24th and iOS soon after that.