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‘Art of Gravity’ Physics Game From ‘Zenge’ Developer Releases in June

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Mike Pawlowski announced Art of Destruction earlier this year, and he’s got two pieces of news. One, the game has been renamed to Art of Gravity due to, well, another game releasing called The Art of Destruction (Free) on iOS. Considering that it too is a physics game, that would definitely lead to some confusion. But Art of Gravity is also a good name. Because you’re using different perspectives of gravity to launch balls to destroy objects, it works just as well.

The other piece of news is that the game has a release date! June 14th is when you’ll be able to check this one out. It’s going to cost a low, low price of $0.99 for 75 levels. Don’t expect any tutorials or text: you’re going to figure this one out on your own, though the game does point you to certain interactive elements. I’ve had some fun with the game from what I’ve played, so do keep an eye out for this one in mid-June, and check out the forum thread.

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