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‘Super Sticky Bros.’ is an Ascension Platformer From the ‘Soul Knight’ Developers

The developers of Soul Knight (Free), a rather fun top-down shooter if you haven’t checked it out, are set to release their next game on mobile. Super Sticky Bros. is a vertical platformer, played in portrait mode, where you play as, well, a sticky bro. You’re sticky enough that you can slide straight up walls, which helps because this is an ascension platformer! You’ll have to bop enemies and dodge hazards on your way up, collecting coins and hitting checkpoints. Unlike Leap Day (Free), you don’t pay in coins to unlock checkpoints, but can get shields to help you tak some damage on your way up.

Interestingly, Super Sticky Bros. will have four-player local multiplayer, so you and a few friends can ascend the endless, randomly-generated heights together. Coins can go toward shields or to unlock new characters. Don’t expect a brutal challenge: ChillyRoom intentionally has aimed this more for the casual crowd, to give them an experience that’s a bit less punishing. It hits iOS and Android officially on June 8th, but Android players can try the game out now in early access.