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‘Payday Crime War’ Gets First Trailer and Supposedly Will Be “Out Soon”

Bringing the popular Payday cooperative first-person shooter from console and PC over to mobile was originally announced at E3 way back in June of 2015, and then we heard basically nothing on the project for an entire year until Payday Crime War was officially announced during E3 2016. Well, E3 2017 is just around the corner, so that means we’re due our yearly update on what’s happening with the game. Last week, Overkill Software unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Payday Crime War, which will pit teams of 4 against each other as one tries to pull off a heist and the other tries to prevent them. Check it out.

When originally announced in 2015, Payday Crime War was being developed in partnership with Cmune, who have created a bunch of first-person shooter games on mobile, most recently their soft-launched Deadheads. They appeared to be still on the project when the game was shown at E3 2016, too. However, as of this latest trailer, the studio listed at the end is Badfly Interactive, who are known for creating the excellent Dead Effect first-person shooters on mobile. It appears that as of this past January Badfly has taken over the production of Payday Crime War, which could explain why the game has been in development for so long. At any rate, it’s looking pretty awesome and Payday Crime War is said to be “out soon" so let’s hope that’s actually the case!