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‘Payday Crime War’ Now Taking Sign-Ups Until December 1st for a Limited Beta Testing Period

Back in April we got the surprising news that the mobile entry in the popular Payday series, Payday Crime War, would be rising from the ashes and releasing on mobile devices in 2022. As we detailed at that time Payday Crime War has had a bumpy development road to say the least. It was first announced at E3 in June of 2015 before it was passed around through multiple developers and even soft-launched in 2019 before ultimately having its plug completely pulled in November of that year. The news in April saw Payday parent company Starbreeze passing the entire mobile project over to mobile developer PopReach who would actually inherit then entire code base for the game, get it up to snuff, and then release it for reals sometime next year. Part of the plan included a beta testing period that would kick off before the end of 2021, and that’s exactly what we’ve got going on today.

PopReach is currently taking sign-ups for beta testing on the game’s official website, and will continue taking them until December 1st. They’re only taking a limited number of participants, so just signing up doesn’t guarantee you access, but they do plan to continue adding new testers as the beta continues on, so it shouldn’t hurt just having your hat in the ring even if you don’t get in right away. Additionally, while the sign-ups are open to both iOS and Android users, the testing will commence with just Android devices with iOS coming at a later time. Also you must have a Gmail account in order to sign up at all. Other than all those caveats though, go nuts and get on the list for the Payday Crime War beta test. The game has sounded really cool even as far back as its original announcement all those years ago, so maybe 2022 will finally be the year for Payday Crime War.