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‘Ace Racing Turbo’ Brings Breakneck Speeds and Titanic Tracks to the App Store, and Is Looking for Beta Testers

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While titles such as Real Racing 3 (Free) and Rush Rally 2 ($1.99) have driven to the front of the pack when it comes to realism and immersion in the mobile racing genre, I’ve always had a soft spot for games that abandon this ethos and dial the ridiculousness up to 11. Whether that’s causing a 20 car collision on Burnout, or simply flying around with reckless abandon in Jet Car Stunts 2 (Free), racing titles that lay off the brake and go for pure thrills resonate with me greatly. Hence why the upcoming Ace Racing Turbo has caught my eye – with monumental extensive racing tracks and an abundance of turbo to propel your cars around them, this latest driving title drops the simulator label for pure chaos, and the developers are currently looking for beta testers if such action piques your interest.

Currently details on Ace Racing Turbo are relatively scarce, with the number of tracks, different game moves, and alternative car options currently up in the air in the lead up to the game’s impending release in the near future. Despite this, what little the developer has shown on our Upcoming Games forum does look promising, and even with the courses featuring in some magical floating desert location, the marriage of serious arcade racing with expansive scale should provide an accessible middle ground for both driving game veterans and genre newcomers. Head down to our forum thread to keep up to date on future details on Ace Racing Turbo, as well as to sign up for the beta to give the game a test drive before its release in the next few weeks.

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