‘Heroes and Castles 2’, ‘Block Fortress’, ‘Bug Heroes 2’, and Other Foursaken Media Games are On Sale

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You know who makes some really great games, friends? Foursaken Media. You know whose games rarely go on sale, friends? Also Foursaken Media. And hey, fair enough. The games are great and more than worth their regular going prices. But if you’ve ever found yourself kind of interested in one of their games, but not quite interested enough to pull the trigger, maybe a little discount will help you pull the trigger. Lucky for you, Foursaken is having a sale on a number of their popular games. In most cases, this is the first time the price has dropped on these games in literal years. Some have never been on sale before. What I’m saying is, if you’ve been waiting? Don’t plan on waiting for the next sale.

The titles in question include:

If for whatever reason you’ve missed out on any of these games, you should definitely pick them up. They’re extremely impressive from a technical standpoint, plenty of fun to play, filled with content, and are generally well-maintained by the developer. I’ve linked to our reviews of each game, as well as their accompanying forum threads. Foursaken’s games have a dedicated following, so if you need more information on the games, our forum members are a valuable resource.



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