‘Clash of Clans’ Short Continues to Tease the Upcoming Update, Even Has a ‘Hamilton’ Reference

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Supercell continues to tease the big upcoming Clash of Clans (Free) update, and this time around it’s with a short called Captain’s Log Day 1. The star of the short is Hog Rider, who’s in a boat with the others and hoping that in the new land he can be a new man, a possible nod to the famous line from the play Hamilton. He doesn’t want to be the hammer-wielding destroyer that he was anymore. Even though there’s not much else in the short itself, Reddit users are, of course, speculating wildly. Most seem to agree that the new update will have something to do with going from Base to Base without having to change your accounts—which is where the whole idea of the boat comes in.

There’s also the whole idea about reinventing myself, which who knows what it will be in terms of gameplay. Another suggestion is the possibility of merging different units together, but at this point everyone is speculating wildly. Any ideas guys?

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