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Survive a Spike-Filled World in ‘Hellmet’, and Sign Up to Beta Test

Welcome to your spiky doom!Hellmet will have you jumping upward, ever upward, as you bounce back and forth trying to avoid wall spikes, floor spikes, ceiling spikes, retractable spikes, spike balls, spike buzzsaaws, spike trap doors, and probably some dude named Spike. Thankfully, you do have shields! You can also change direction in midair, and slide down walls, all to get that perfect spike-avoidance strategy working for you.

The coins you collect will go toward getting new characters, and climbing the leaderboards, of course. Pronetis Games needs beta testers, so if you want to help out, go to the forum thread, and send the developers a private message so that you can get signed up. This looks like a brutal but rather promising platformer, and I’m curious to see just how it turns out.