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‘Raster Prime’ Will Fry Your Brain With Obelisks

Punk Labs, the cool cats behind Skeletomb (Free) and Kerflux (Free), are back at it again with their third title, Raster Prime, hitting next Friday, May 12th. It’s described as a “pixael sci-fi mystery" and pixael is not a typo, no. It’s what Punk Labs is calling their way of rendering pixels in the game, and it gives it a cool look. Check it out in action:

You have mysterious puzzles to solve on a number of obelisks throughout the game’s galaxy. You have a binary set of inputs that correspond to shapes on the obelisk, and have to figure out the sequence from top to bottom that the inputs correspond to. This gets really tricky in short order, as the symbols cluster together in ways that make you try to figure out how the symbols are arranged. And then the symbol inputs get more complex as you unlock new obelisks. Good luck with all that, kids. Raster Prime releases on May 12th on iOS and Android for $2.99.