Upcoming ‘Red’s Kingdom’ Update Will Have You Visiting the Casino

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In the world of writing about video games, differing opinions are bound to ruffle some feathers. Such is the case with Red’s Kingdom ($2.99). This charming puzzle adventure is polished to the gills in terms of presentation, which is I think something everyone can agree on. But some of its design decisions left our own Carter Dotson feeling more lukewarm towards the game in his review. However, it did garner our Game of the Week nod upon release, and has found a ton of fans in our community, who voted it as Game of the Month for January. A major update last month added a bunch of new levels and several new features which looked to smooth out the game’s rough edges, and according to this teaser posted today it looks like more new content is in the works for Red’s Kingdom.

Whether the game itself is your cup of tea is subjective, but it’s always nice to see a game get so much post-release love, not just in terms of fixes and tweaks but in actual new content as well. While this teaser doesn’t divulge too much of what we can expect in the forthcoming update, I’m definitely digging the casino theme and based on the previous update I expect we’ll have quite a few more levels to chew through. The update for Red’s Kingdom should be hitting “in the coming weeks" so we’ll keep our eye out for more details and let you know once it arrives.

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