The Terrific ‘Card Thief’ Coming to Android April 22nd

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Android users are about to get their heart stolen just like their iOS counterparts have when Card Thief ($2.99), the spiritual successor to the very well-reviewed Card Crawl, skulks over to their platform of choice. According to the official Twitter account, Card Thief will be hitting Android on April 22nd, so not long to wait now. If you haven’t had a chance to play Card Thief, think of a stealth game but played with cards. You move around a board of nine cards and have to deal with all kinds of guards that are trying to grab you. In order to successfully steal and escape, you’ll have to strategically put out torches to take advantage of the dark, because, as everyone knows, the night is dark and full of terrors.

We really liked it in our review and talked about how it takes a bit to click, but once it does, it’s an amazing experience. The game will probably be $1.99, just like the iOS version, and you should probably check it out.

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