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Survival Runner ‘Zombies Chasing My Cat’ Shuffles Onto the App Store April 27th

Nine years of eagerly following the growth and development of the App Store as both a gaming fan and a journalist has taught me one indispensable lesson: if a title has any sort of reference to cats, it must be excellent. Case in point – Mousebot (Free), which received our coveted Game of the Week award last Friday, featured a nefarious feline antagonist; unequivocal proof that cat-related titles are all collectively beyond criticism. My personal bias towards everyone’s favorite pet companion may be coming through rather strongly here (in other words, don’t fill my inbox with subpar cat games), but Thumbspire’s upcoming release Zombies Chasing My Cat appears to be the next title to support my hypothesis. Through an interesting amalgamation of numerous iOS tropes, including the auto runner and zombie slaying genres to name but a few, Zombies Chasing My Cat could be a purr-fect timewaster, and is set to launch on the App Store on April 27th.

Although Zombies Chasing My Cat does include an endless mode, the main bulk of the game is a level-based survival title through numerous varied environments, from something as cliche as an abandoned farm to more eccentric locations such as a UFO crash site. On the pursuit of your clawed companion, your avatar is tasked with collecting coins while charging and shooting through environmental hazards and zombies. With numerous characters to be unlocked and weapons to be harnessed, Zombies Chasing My Cat doesn’t shy away from its heavy influences such as Temple Run (Free) and Crossy Road (Free), but looks dynamically varied enough to stand as its own individual title. I personally doubt my cats would run away from an undead invasion as they would likely be too busy lazing around to notice the impending apocalypse, but this shouldn’t stop you from checking out Zombies Chasing My Cat when it launches on April 27th, or shuffling down to the forum thread for more information in the lead up to release.