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Mi-Clos Studio’s ‘Antioch: Scarlet Bay’ Is Looking for Beta Testers

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Mi-Clos Studio has given us the fantastic Out There and has been working for some time on Antioch: Scarlet Bay, a cooperative interactive fiction game. The developer is now looking for beta testers to help it perfect the game, so if you’re up for that, go here to sign up. If you haven’t read our previous stories on the game, Antioch is a story of two detectives working together to solve a challenging crime. The evidence will lead you to the city of Antioch, a dark metropolis with, I’m sure, a very dark and slimy underbelly.

By having you play with another human, Mi-Clos hopes that this interactive story will unfold differently every time you play it and make the genre feel fresh again. And the developers point out that sometimes you might have to disagree with your fellow detective. The game was supposed to come out April 7th, but as you can tell, it’s not ready yet.

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