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Be the Racing Overlord with ‘Race Control Director’ Launching this Thursday

I’m not really a big racing fan, and I fully admit that it’s probably due to me not understanding the finer points of the sport. One key figure in racing that I’d never heard of before is the Race Control Director, a person who oversees the race and makes key decisions that keep things running smoothly and not in a heaping pile of smoldering wreckage. The Race Control Director makes the decision to put out the yellow caution flag or issue penalties to drivers, and it’s very likely that as a spectator you’d never even know this person existed. Back in November, we learned that budding developer Fabian Bouwmeester decided that that particular job position would make for a really neat mobile management game, and we definitely agree! Check out the trailer for Race Control Director.

Anyway, here we are nearly 5 months after that announcement and Race Control Director is finally ready to launch this Thursday, April 6th. This will be a full simulation that has you starting out as a director of lower leagues and working your way up the ladder by dealing with hundreds of different types of events which you’ll need to react to. As I’ve never really seen this aspect of racing played out in video game form in other simulations, I’m really curious to see how Race Control Director turns out, especially for a racing noob like me.