‘Hearthstone’ Journey to Un’Goro Update is Live, and the Expansion Is Almost Upon Us

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Journey to Un’Goro, Hearthstone‘s (Free) latest expansion, is almost upon us, so today we got the patch that prepares the client for the new cards, the new Standard rotation, and much more. The update adds the new Rogue Hero, Maiev Shadowsong, which you can get by winning 10 Standard or Casual mode games after Un’Goro goes live this Thursday. I’m glad to see a Hero that everyone can get because some of the older ones were tricky to get. We are also getting a new tooltip that shows how many cards you have in your hand, which will help ensure you don’t overdraw and start burning cards. You might also see some Fireside Gatherings-related UI associated with the upcoming additions, but for most it will be non-functional.

Un’Goro packs are now available in the Shop and the Collection Manager, and The Grand Tournament, Blackrock Mountain, and League of Explorers aren’t available for purchase. End of an era, I say. There are also changes in card texts for consistency’s sake and lots of bug fixes. Make sure you update before April 5 so you can get the Volcanosaur reward.

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