Fast-Paced Tower Offense Game ‘Tap Summoner’ Has Just Released

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Tap Summoner (Free), a frantic, real-time tapping tower offense game, has just released, and it looks worth checking out if you enjoy the genre. Tap Summoner has you summoning minions to take out your foes, but the game goes beyond just having you frantically tap in order to survive. Tapping the screen does summon minions, but holding your finger down for longer summons stronger minions, which make for some fast tactical decisions. You can play as various summoners and summon over 40 different minions, so variety shouldn’t be an issue here.

You’ll get to, of course, upgrade your summoners as you go along and equip them with legendary equipment, which should please those who enjoy playing RPGs. Tap Summoner is F2P and is out right now.

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