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‘Faily Tumbler’ is the Vehicle-less Crash Simulator Spinoff of ‘Faily Brakes’ and ‘Faily Rider’

We’ve had cars with no brakes, motorcycles with no brakes, probably skateboards with no brakes, and now we’ve simply got nothing to blame our crashing on but our bodies themselves. Faily Tumbler is the new project from Spunge Games which takes one of the best parts of both Faily Brakes (Free) and Faily Rider (Free) and makes an entire game out of it. You see, in those previous games you were stuck in a vehicle with no brakes and the object was to avoid crashing for as long as possible as you careened down increasingly hazardous environments. Inevitably you’d crash, at which point your character would fly from the vehicle and crash in spectacular ragdoll fashion allowing you to try and skillfully prolong the crash to eek out just that little bit of extra distance to add to your score.

Faily Tumbler is basically that crash mode turned into its own game. You play as Phil Faily’s caveman ancestor who, upon trying to collect eggs along the surface of a volcano, accidentally causes the volcano to erupt. This sends him tumbling down the mountain, and while your goal is still to avoid hitting the major hazards and keep your run going as long as possible, you’re doing it using the ragdoll crashing from the previous games, as well as some special helpers along the way like a hang glider.

We have commented several times in the past when talking about either Faily Brakes or Faily Rider that the crashing portion should just be its own game. I’m happy to see Spunge answering that call. I’m also quite impressed by the variety on display in Faily Tumbler, as Faily Brakes initially launched as a somewhat basic game with just a single environment and handful of vehicles. It’s since been fleshed out via updates, but it’s nice to see so many options for customization and such a varied environment right off the bat in Faily Tumbler. Look for this one to arrive April 6th and until then you can join in on the discussion in our forums and maybe even land yourself an early promo code.