‘Golf Zero’ Doubles its Content With Sunset Hills Update

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Golf Zero (Free) was a fantastic idea at launch, the only downside being that you could burn through the 40 holes at launch in fairly short order. Part of this is because the game’s really fun, and it’s hard to put down, sure. But it sure felt like there was a lot of potential for Golf Zero to still fulfill with more levels. Well, Colin Lane and Brad Erkkila are taking the first step towards fulfilling that potential, as the first Golf Zero content update is out, doubling the number levels in the game.

The Sunset Hills boast 40 new levelss of tricky golf platforming action, doubling the total to 80 levels overall. In fact, right off the bat, you’ll see that there’s some new tricks being thrown your way.. Good luck beating your red opponent who wants to beat you to getting the ball in the hole! The new levels also have a cool new look, with some vibrant new colors in use as the levels take place at dusk with the sun setting. Golf Zero looks better than ever, and the new levels promise to dramatically increase the replay value. This big update is out now.

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