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‘Pixel Volley’ Offers Extreme and Accessible Volleyball Action, Serving Onto the App Store April 5th

There has been a recent trend in video games as a whole to take a sport at its most mundane level and then dial it up to 11, all the while adding rockets, spikes, and other precarious obstacles that turn what could otherwise be a leisurely activity into an extreme attempt at survival. Rocket League took football (incorrectly called soccer by some), added rockets, and the rest is history. Recently on iOS, Golf Zero (Free) turned the sedate and slow act of putting into maniacal platforming mayhem, and as a result received glowing praise in our recent review. Pixel Volley is looking to follow in the footsteps of these titles, and will provide accessible volleyball action with a whole host of customisable options – as well as a number of entirely lethal twists lurking around every net – when it launches on the App Store for free on April 5th.

Apart from the standard ‘stop the ball hitting the floor’ volleyball mechanics, FM Studio have added a number of obstacles that make Pixel Volley more than a standard sports release on the App Store. In some cases, the walls of the court – and even the height of the net – dynamically fluctuate, constantly changing where the ball may bounce and land after it is hit. Furthermore, while there is a standard spherical volleyball, the developers have also included balls with lethal saws on one end, floaty beach balls to mix up the physics, and also oval shaped American Footballs that are typically unpredictable as they flail around the court. With more than 50 unlockable characters and various playable competitions, there should be a lot of content for anyone looking for a lighthearted and laughable extreme sporting title to distract from the bleakness of reality. Look out for the game on the App Store on April 5th, and head down to our forum thread for further details and more discussion on Pixel Volley.