‘RBI Baseball 17’ Now on Mobile, Same Day as Consoles

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It’s time for another season of retro baseball made modern, as RBI Baseball 17 ($4.99) is now on iOS. For the second year in a row, MLB Advanced Media has gotten the mobile version of RBI out the same day as the console versions, with most of the features at a quarter of the price! The cover athlete for the 2017 version is Corey Seager, star shortstop for the Dodgers; the user interface has gotten a fresh coat of paint. Other than that, there’s not any major new features in the 2017 version at a quick glance. All 30 stadiums, and full rosters with regular updates are here, though.

In case you aren’t aware of RBI Baseball, this is a modern version of the classic RBI Baseball series. MLB Advanced Media (a wildly profitable company owned by the teams that powers a lot of video streaming services) has published new versions of the games the last few years. They preserve the original gameplay, where batting and pitching is simplified to an extreme degree, just putting it in 3D. If you never played classic baseball games, the point of this might be lost on you, but if you are nostalgic for the old days of baseball video games, checking out at least one version of the RBI Baseball revival is recommended.

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