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Three Teaser Images for ‘The Room: Old Sins’ Have Been Revealed, Depicting a Diabolical Dollhouse and Other Spooky Scenes

Earlier this March, Fireproof Games announced the shock reveal of the upcoming and much awaited next iteration in The Room series. Ominously subtitled Old Sins, details on this newest entry in one of iOS’s most beloved franchise were relatively scarce beyond a tentative ‘late 2017’ release date and a cryptic teaser image, however this didn’t stop fervent anticipation amongst the mobile community as to how Fireproof’s latest game could replicate, or deviate from, the tried and true formula essentially perfected in The Room Three ($3.99). Today on their official Twitter account, the Guildford-based developers revealed three preview images from The Room: Old Sins, depicting a mysterious dollhouse as well as a teaser for a more malicious disappearance plot within the title.

Fans of The Room series will undoubtedly be extremely excited from the pictures that Fireproof have shared, with the franchise’s typically intricate puzzle solving and eerily dark atmosphere as prevalent as ever, even from purely static images. Another picture citing a ‘Mystery Disappearance’ of a distinguished engineer and his artist wife perhaps hints at the overarching mystery to be solved within The Room: Old Sins, and with Fireproof co-founder Barry Meade stating that the new game is ‘very dollhouse’ in a Twitter comment, I cannot help but be incredibly excited for what this latest title may have in store. If you’re from the United Kingdom and lucky enough to be attending EGX Rezzed this weekend, be sure to try out The Room: Old Sins at the expo, and let us know your thoughts and impressions from these cryptic details on our forum thread.