‘Clash Royale’ Has Introduced the Bandit, a Fun New Legendary

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Clash Royale (Free) continues adding new units, and the new unit to join the party is the Bandit, a fun new Legendary that dashes to her target and delivers a wallop. Specifically, this 3-Elixir Legendary can’t be hit while she’s dashing to her target, which makes her a very useful unit. She deploys in 1 second, has 1 second hit speed, and is fast. She is unlocked in the Jungle Arena (Arena 9). Keep in mind that she will not dash to any unit less than 4 tiles from her, so spawn her carefully. Her dash can get her through boulders and The Log without getting knocked back, and, if nothing else, looks very cool.

If you want to learn how to play the Bandit, check out this in-depth guide from reddit user ExodiumClashYouTube. According to the guide, the Bandit can be used in three main ways: clearing out sections of the Arena, protecting a tank by sitting closely behind it, and as a card that can deal quite a bit of damage when ignored. What do you think of the new unit?

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