‘King Rabbit’ Emerald Expansion With Best Community Levels Hits on March 30th

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RareSloth’s King Rabbit (Free) turned one recently, and with the community level creator update adding a ton of new content, they wanted to showcase some of the best. So, on March 30th, some of the best levels from the community will be available as part of the Emerald expansion for $1.99. 64 levels in total are featured, with the idea being that these levels are meant to be among the most challenging, creative, or just plain entertaining of the community levels. But be warned: there are no hints.

The expansion pack will be given to the creators whose levels are in the pack as a reward. Also, while I guess you could just play these levels in the community if you found out what they were, there are two other benefits: one, these levels will be available offline; two, these levels have extra diamonds and item packs as compared to the community versions. So, it can be a nice little booster pack for the game. The update hits on March 30th, and be glad I didn’t make any emerald puns, or else this article would be chaos.

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