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The Upcoming ‘Just Turn Right’ Is, You Guessed it, all About Turning Right

Guess what’s the only thing you can do in Just Turn Right; yes, you are correct, you can only turn right. This upcoming driving game puts you in a car with no brakes and a broken steering wheel, which keeps turning the car to the right, and has you driving from point A to point B in a bunch of levels strewn with obstacles, broken-down cars, jumps, and so on. As you can see from the trailer, the game is using pretty simple visuals, but a game like this one doesn’t really need more than that. What it will need is good car handling and clever level design; hopefully, it will have both of those.

If you want to beta test the game, you can hop over to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up. If you don’t want to beta test, you can still just talk to the developer and share your infinite wisdom.